Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A look at Ways to wear a Bridal Lehenga Dupatta

A dupatta is an important part of a wedding ensemble. It is known by different names in different parts of India. Some are known to address it as an odhni, chunni or also chunari. No matter what you might wish to wear for a wedding, it is an integral part of a brides wedding wear. It is an epitome of feminity of an Indian Bride and is known to hide her modesty. Though, it is an integral part of every bride it is important to ensure that you drape it in such a manner that makes you stand out on the wedding day. Why get bored of draping it the same old way, here are a few ways to spruce up your look.

Style 1 :

In case if you are wearing  a choli that covers you and does not reveal much skin , then simply pleat it and keep it on one shoulder . You can let the end hang freely on that side. Take the other side of it and gracefully, cover your head. If you want the look to appear more refined then you can wear a waistband to hold the hanging end in place.

Style 2: 

If you are adorning a dupetta that is characterized with a heavy border, and then cover your head with one end and with the other part cover your chest. Ensure that you tie the loose hanging end with your wrist to make it look royal and like a Princess. Even if you do not cover your head with it, the look would still look good on you.

Style 3: 

if you are wearing a lehenga on your wedding day but always desired to wear a sari, then you can drape it in such a manner that it resembles a sari. In this style, tuck the end of it to your waist and drape the beautiful piece of cloth around you like a sari.

Style 4: 

The latest trend amongst wedding lehengas is to opt for sheer net fabric dupattas. These are basically light weight and are usually adorned with intricate work, embroidery and heavy stone work. Most of the usual Dupatas can prove to be too heavy for a petite bride. In such cases, these light weight sheer ones are not only known to look good but also drape very well.

Style 5: 

Many brides especially Gujarati brides are known to drape 2 dupattas on the wedding day. There is a special way of draping these beautiful cloth, they are known to fall on both sides of the brides shoulders. The look is special and ethereal and makes the bride look extremely special on her wedding day. This is a great way to wear a heavy Bridal dupata with a light weight one.

Remember wedding is a festival of love and belief, a celebration of a life time where you ought to look your best. Use these Bridal Dupatta styles to look your best.


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