Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tamil wedding attire for the Bride & Groom

Tamilan wedding is a reflection of their beautiful culture that is rigorously followed from ages. These customs make the wedding truly unique in every sense. You will notice that the handsome groom and beautiful bride get dressed in traditional Tamil wedding attire.

Tamil wedding apparel of the groom:

You will see groom generally in Vesti silk shirt & Salvai. He also has Thalaip on the head. The grooms with pierced ears generally wear Kadukkan or earring with a single stone in it.If they don’t have a pierced ear then they go for an earring that can be simply clipped to the ear. The modern Tamilian grooms love trying out apparels like Embroidered Sherwanis, Jodhpuir suit and also western outfits.
indian wedding suits for men

Nowadays, the wedding first takes places as per the traditional customs then couples go ahead and get it registered.  The attire on both days are different, you will see that on  the day of marriage groom is all dressed in Vesti Salvai while on the day of marriage registration he is seen adorning a stunning western suit. The Vesti-Salvia attire for man is available in numerous shades and patterns. The borders of shirt have Zari & embellishment in blue, green, red and brown color. The shirt has a side pocket and is bit longer than the normal shirt. It reaches up to the length of the knee. When it comes to ornaments you will see them wearing gold chain and bracelets.

Tamilian attire for the bride:

The bride like her counterpart love to get dressed in beautiful traditional bridal sari for the big day. The preferred color is red, although it is seen that today’s brides are not hesitant to try out new shades.  When it comes to buying of wedding sari they are very much concerned about quality. They choose a heavy sari that has at least seven kinds of threads used in weaving.

The border of sari has large temple designs and pallu has beautiful scenes from Hindu mythologies. Apart from these you will see figurines of fairies and figures like peacocks, feathers, swans, parrots and flowers. The most preferred saree is Kanjeevaram Silk and Tirubuvanam Silk saree. The jewelry largely consists of gold bangles & chains in the latest design.

The bride & groom place order for wedding outfit well in advance because sometimes it takes time to get the outfit altered to perfectly fit them. Some couples prefer to get the wedding apparel especially the groom’s as per their fitting. They also shop it from designer stores. The latest fascination of Tamilian couple is buying the complete wedding attire from online Indian wedding saree stores. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to be in Tamil Nadu to buy the apparel but you can easily get the apparel from anywhere in the world. Visit any of these stores selling traditional Indian outfit, search on the basis of price or color. Pay online, and within stipulated time your outfit will be delivered at your given address


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