Sunday, 7 July 2013

Amazing heritage of Hindu Wedding Cards

Auspiciousness is one of the most exciting parts of weddings of Hindu religions and everything associated with it is dealt with ultimate sacredness. During the Hindu marriages, there is a trend of inviting the first worshipped god of wealth and wisdom – Lord Ganesha. There is a belief that lord Ganesha ensures an uninterrupted marriage ceremony, and remain there at the home of hosting family till the marriage is complete. Similarly, Hindu Wedding Cards contain sacred mantras of Lord Ganesha along with his blessing pictures. This is the reason, each and every guest who receives these cards, handles it with complete care and respect.

As you all know, the Indian families are patriarchal families; the same can be seen in the wedding invitations in which head of the family gets a special mention. As the Indian weddings are not a single day event, all related events get a mention in the card as well. Also, the Hindu wedding invites are popular for their cordial language and traditional layout. In most of the invitations, the symbols of Doli, Shahanai and Baraat can be seen on the front page itself. The colors like saffron, yellow and white are among the most preferred invitation colors in India.

In the recent times, the handcrafted cards are getting very popular with more and more people appreciating these types of cards. While the most of the families prefer Hindi text in their invitation cards, some people have started using both Hindi and English language cards for their various types of guests. Over the years, the likings and preferences of the people have started changing a lot. While earlier cards were more traditional and cultural, the new age wedding cards are stylish and designer.  To know more about these cards, you can take help of powerful search engine Google.

Indian is a diverse country and each religion celebrates marriage in a different way according to their respective customs and rituals. Searching the market consumes a lot of time, and there are other wedding aspects to be taken care of. Hence shopping online provides one with best varieties of cards with just one click. Ordering wedding card online not just presents exotic range, but it also saves valuable time and energy. One need not fall prey to the monopoly of a local retailer anymore, rather order a wedding card of personalized choice and get it delivered at the doorstep.

Hindu wedding ceremony is usually celebrated with pomp and show, and people generally look out for a card matching with the wedding theme. Online portals have huge catalogue, one can browse through them and pick the desired design. Wedding cards are symbol of prestige these days and therefore each card has different style, presentation and outlook. The customization services allows one to decide on minute details, be it paper, color, messages, religious symbols, printing types and many more. These cards are often preserved to cherish the memories long after. Thus, mark the beginning of big fat wedding ceremony with style and individual taste.  


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