Friday, 28 June 2013

The Incredible Mythology of Hindu Wedding Cards

When it comes to wedding invitation, the Hindu wedding cards have a unique place in the minds of people across the country. They are traditional, colorful and most importantly auspicious. What separate these invitations from their counterparts in the rest of the world are their holiness, unique preparation and beliefs behind their creation. The Indian weddings and wedding cards are incomplete without the mention of lord Ganesha, who is the god of wisdom and wealth. The Hindu marriage cards carry a traditional touch in all aspects be it layout, color or design. Most people prefer these cards to be partially hand crafted, with a levied epitome of lord Ganesha. Also common is the invitation mantra for lord Ganesha, though which hosting families pray for trouble free proceedings of all ceremonies organized including the main event of marriage.

Saffron, which is considered sacred color in the Hindu mythology, is one of the most commonly preferred colors in the Hindu marriage invitation cards. Another highly preferred color is yellow which is symbol of auspiciousness and happiness. In Hindu marriages, wedding ceremony is not the only ceremony, as there are number of events arranged before and after the main event. All these events get a separate mention in the invitation card along with the venue and timings. Also, in this culture, it is not necessary for the guests to carry the invitation card along with them to get entry into the venue.

With trend of online wedding planners is surging rapidly, a number of families are now preferring to take consultation of designing specialists to select a wedding theme, and the wedding card gets a common theme to create a further impact. Bordering the cards with cultural embroideries and the symbols of traditional bride farewell in Doli and Shahanai are very common in the wedding cards of Hindu families.

The most preferred means of inviting guests to a wedding remains weddings cards and for it there are also various themes available. Some of the popular ones include, royal theme, flower theme, Cindrella theme. Among these the scroll invitations come under the royal theme. These are also the most preferred card themes in the market and those wish to give their marriage a traditional look as well as royal look go for these cards. The flower theme is also one of the popular themes and these cards carry a lot of color photos on them including the images of the Gods and Goddesses.

In addition to these, modern day is that of designer ones which are exclusively designed for only one marriage and it is sure that no one else has used these cards as their marriage cards. Furthermore, the designer ones can have some experimental ideas on them such as putting the photo of the bride and groom which is a latest pattern. These days people also prefer simple one color cards with contrasting color as well as several patterns including embossing and engraving. These were some of the popular designs of cards.   


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