Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The secret behind Hindu wedding cards

For Hindus, the marriage is one of the most loved and celebrated events, which has always been considered once in a lifetime event. This is the reason, why Hindu families prepare hard to make this lifetime event the most memorable one among their friends and family. Everything associated with it is dealt with utmost love and care be it a big thing like the selection of wedding venue, or be it a thing as little as an invitation card for their esteemed guests. While most of the societies in the world consider the marriage card an information carrier, in Hindu religion, the wedding cards are highly fortunate for the families of bride and groom. This is the reason, why Hindu wedding cards carry sacred symbol of God Ganesha, music instrument Shahanai and Bride’s Doli. The wedding cards are distributed only after sending a special invite to the wealth and wisdom lord Ganesha.

There has been a high popularity for the handcrafted wedding cards in India, a country which has more than 80 percent of its population as Hindus. These handcrafted cards are the reason of employment for a large number of small scale wedding card creators. These card makers customize the wedding cards as per the needs and preferences of the clients. The handcrafting work is done following the bulk printing through advanced printing technologies.

There is also a popular trend of giving a packet of sweet to the guests to whom hosts meet personally to invite them at wedding. These wedding cards are culturally very rich and carry an image of Indian beliefs and Hindu religion. What makes these cards even more exciting are the cordial massages form the hosting family to create an impression in the mind of invited guests. While most of these cards are written in Hindi language, some richer families prefer both Hindi and English cards for different guests.

The reason why these cards have maintained their existence even after hundreds of years and technological advancements such as email, SMS etc is their traditional nature. Their close embedding within the culture has enabled them to sustain in the society despite of the pressures of the modern changes in technology. Their religious sanctity and their close relation and embedding within the marriage ceremony in India has also enabled them to be on the first on wedding preparations list.

SMS, Emails cannot ever replace wedding cards. Reason: these lack the personal touch that a wedding card has. Also these electronic means fail to have that emotional appeal that wedding invites have. In addition to this, SMSing or Emailing the venue and information about wedding appears rude to the guests and they might take it otherwise. Whereas inviting them personally using a card makes them truly feel special and they think that their gracious presence at the wedding is most essential. Apart from this, emails and sms are good as reminders only and these prove to be so efficient in this only.


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