Tuesday, 17 September 2013

3 Top ways to propose girl for wedding

Today’s girls are career oriented they will not say yes for wedding until and unless they feel it from the heart. Here are top three ways to propose your girl for wedding.

YouTube Proposal:

YouTube is the perfect medium to reach out people, why don’t you use it reach heart of your darling. Make an elegant video of yourself dressed in formals with a bouquet of red roses and beautiful diamond ring. Tell her your heart felt feelings, and ask her to marry you then show signboard “Will You Marry Me”! You can post the link on her social networking site or you can share it with close group of pals. It will get viral and will reach the heart of your darling - surely it will melt her heart.

Picture Perfect Proposal:

Proposing your girl for wedding is one of the toughest task, even men who have been in relationship for years find it difficult to find picture perfect way to propose their sweetheart.  One of the coolest way is to get hold of one of her beautiful photograph, you can get it from her social networking profile, then combine it with a photograph of yours, make sure it looks like a wedding photograph. Send it to your sweetheart as the sender to be God. The meaning would be like the god wants both of you as husband & wife. In no way she is going to say no for it.

Filmi Proposal:

If you girl likes the twist, turns and surprises of Indian cinema then you should do it in true Indian filmi style.

First arrange for surprise party, invite your close group of friends, if you can invite parents of both of you then it is going to great. Then call your girl and tell her that your company is sending you abroad for 3 months on a business assignment. Tell her that you have to leave the next day. Obviously, she is not going to like it. Ask her to accompany you to the airport. On the airport record the conversation secretly.  Give her a tight hug; say her that you are going to miss her a lot. She will be teary eye when you would say bye to her and move to the lobby area. Here, is the twist you are not going anywhere. As planned earlier one of her friend is going to bring her to surprise party.

When she enters along with her friend all of you stand there with candles in her hand and a romantic number playing in the background. The moment her eyes will fall on you, she would be surprised, it will just take her few minutes to understand what is going on. Don’t give her time to recover, go down on your knees, ask for her hand romantically, look into eyes and say I love you from the core of my heart, you make me complete, I cannot imagine my life without you then take out that beautiful ring and say loudly “Muje Sey Shaddi Karoge”!, She is surely going to fall head over hills over those romantic Film style proposal and say “yes”. 


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