Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to Propose an Indian Girl in this Christmas?

The most amazing thing about Indian girl is that how ultra modern she is but her heart always remains Indian. This is something you will always see in Bollywood movie, it is absolutely right, so the first lesson is “never rush with the proposal”.

Spend time with her, talk to her - find about her likes & dislikes.

Before you pour your heart out make sure she is not in a relationship otherwise you will find yourself in a fix. 

Friendship lays down the foundation stone of a relation. First become friends, talk, send message and go out on movies. Let the relation nurture with time. It is not important that you should disclose your feeling to her.
A time will come when she will understand your feelings through your care and action. 

Take interest in knowing about her family. Try to memorize the names of them and what they do. Occasionally ask about their wellbeing. Tell about your family. This will bring both of you closer. It is going to be quite helpful when you are proposing your sweetheart.

Meet her friends. Befriend them as it will help you know more about her. Try to find her favorite paste time or what she likes to do. 

Make her feel important through your gestures and care. Show her that she is not like the rest of the lot, she is someone special.

Simply don’t go by the looks, make sure that both of you are compatible before going ahead with the proposal.

Observe her closely and try to figure out her feeling. Don’t make your feelings for her public.

Once you are very sure that she is your soul mate and it is with her that you want to spend every movement of your life then go ahead and propose her with the three magical words.

Never involve a third person in scheme of things. The Indian girls like man, who are courageous. Remember no girl like to spend her life with a man who cannot muster the courage of proposing her himself.

 It is going to be big day, so dress accordingly. If you know what she likes then wear those apparels.

Speak slowly and confidently. Choose a place that is away from the crowed as this way her attention would be on you only. 


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