Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Growing popularity of Halal catering in Muslim weddings

The success of a marriage event lies majorly on the catering service and there are absolutely no qualms regarding the same. It is known to all that Muslim community is among one of the biggest communities in UK region and due to the same, demand of Halal catering is increasing in that region. This word ‘Halal’ is originated from Arab. The literal meaning of this word is ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’. Halal term is more frequently used in the context of that Muslim food that complies with the Muslim religious rules. It refers to the food that is permissible to consume in accordance to the Muslim dietary standards. According to a belief of Muslim religion, either a food item falls into the category of the Halal or Haram.

However, there are certain food items such as man-made foods or processed foods about which it becomes difficult to figure out that in which category they fall into. Natural fruits, fish, vegetables, ingredients like honey, sugar, etc fall in the category of Halal food. When it comes to the meat, it is considered as Halal only in a case, if an animal has been slaughtered by a method called ‘dhabiha’. On the other side, haram food includes all kinds of food products made from pig, meat that is obtained from an animal who has not been slaughtered properly, intoxicants, alcohol, reptiles, etc.

Muslim community is extremely particular about following rules and regulations laid down in their religion. That is the main reason due to which, the popularity of halal catering business is increasing by leaps and bounds. In developed nations, few of the most renowned restaurants are including halal dishes in their menu. The increasing demand for halal catering is also due to a reason that around 70% worldwide Muslims believe in following halal food practice. There is also a special mention of this on the Muslim wedding cards as well.

When it comes to the Muslim wedding then the entire wedding includes different ceremonies. These ceremonies are comprised of pre-wedding ceremony, actual wedding and post-wedding reception. Though, there have been some changes in the manner, a wedding is being organized, due to offer more convenience to the family of the bride and the groom and also to the invited guests, but regarding rituals, Muslims still believe in following them strictly. The main emphasis is being laid on offering a spacious venue along with a prayer room and providing Halal catering. Generally, the halal dishes are not restricted to the menu including dishes of Pakistan and Afghanistan origin, but it also includes some relishing dishes of Indian origin. While choosing a caterer, specialized in offering Halal catering, a wedding party host, should ensure that it possesses a certification awarded by a credible authority and is among renowned names in the UK region. Halal catering is not only an art of blending relishing cuisines of the different countries but it is looked upon as a way to follow traditional rules of Muslim religion and showing respect towards the instructed way of leading a life that has been explained in the holy books of Muslim religion.


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