Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Traditional Rajasthani wedding songs

Indian weddings possess myriad fascinating ingredients and that is the reason, they mesmerize the people from all over the world. Those various captivating ingredients include heart-touching and emotional rituals, music, entertainment, colorful attires, larger-than life jewelries, one of its own kinds of flamboyant d├ęcor and countless relishing dishes apart from Rajasthani theme wedding cards.

Music is in the veins

Well, music is among those elements on which, an entire ceremony is based upon. That ceremony is known as Sangeet ceremony. Thus, one can easily get inkling regarding the importance of this element. Among weddings, Rajasthani marriages are known to possess an element of royalty because Rajasthan has been recognized as a land of kings and queens. Right from the wedding cards to all the wedding preparation, this royal touch is vociferous. There is truly something exceptional about this land and the rich heritage possessed by the people of this land.

Impact of Modernization
Beyond any reasonable doubt, the impact of modernism has affected the traditions of this culturally rich state of India but it appears that people are more interested than ever for returning to the roots by invoking a traditional appeal, in almost all the elements of the wedding. People have begun realizing somewhere in the deep core of the heart that ‘Old is Gold. Interestingly, it is not elder generation that is compelling younger generation to follow the old traditions but, it is younger generation itself that is taking their steps towards adopting long forgotten classy things. Folk music is certainly one among them.

Songs for all occasions, wedding ceremonies
We all are very well aware about the importance of music in the pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies. When it comes to the choice of the appropriate songs based on the wedding theme then Rajasthani Folk music takes the lead. Surprising it may sound but there is a folk song for every single small and big ritual related to the wedding. The folk songs are extremely capable of invoking the heart-felt and most touching emotions of the people during wedding. The exceptional voice of the singers is another appealing factor that adds a mesmerizing charm in the ambiance of the marriage rituals. The popularity of the Folk music can be estimated from a fact that the Rajasthani folk music is gaining immense popularity in other states of the India and even in abroad as well, especially among NRI’s weddings. The dhol beats of the Rajasthan are capable of making the people completely spell-bound.

The success of the folk music and folk tunes in bollywood movies have further compelled the people to be more concerned about the preserving and promoting the rich and royal tradition of Rajasthan Folk music. There are few songs that are the life and soul of almost all weddings that take place in the northern part of the India. Those popular songs are ‘Pallo latke re maro pallo latke’, ‘morni baaga mein bole, ‘Ghoomer, ‘Rangeelo maro dholna’ and various songs of ‘banna and banni’. The appropriate lyrics are among one of the major reasons that make the Folk songs of this royal land, an ideal choice for the grand occasions like weddings and sangeets. On top of that, the use of traditional instruments create fantastic beats in the songs and due to the same, they prove to be an ideal choice for performing dance.


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