Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mom’s Birthday: A day worth celebrating

Parents are the lifeline of a family. They are the backbone who run and support the family. Father and mother both take equal responsibility and handle family affair. Mother is the one who handles all the domestic chores and remembers all the occasion. She is the one who takes the initiative and plans for all the important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Surprises are planned and executed by her. She is the jack of all trades and she becomes manager, decorator, caterer, designer and much more at the important events of her family members. All the arrangements are wrapped with love and  care.

Her birthday’s are often forgotten and goes as a daily routine. Never are birthday invitations sent out to celebrate her birthday. Her important day is forgotten and family takes her and the important day as granted. She ignores all and her smile continues to enlighten the house as always. She goes on without complaining and still remembers and executes all important occasions as she had been doing. It is a wonder that she alone handles the task and all the family members together are not able to plan anything special for her birthday. The process of taking her for granted continues and rarely does anyone acknowledge the day.

Mothers have the right to get all the special treatment on her birthdays too. She should also have unique birthday invitations designed and sent out to guests. She should get a break from all the household chores and enjoy the day without any tension. A day that is special. She may not say but she expects to get a surprise; she expects to get the same warmth and love that she had been giving throughout her life. She wants to see everyone feeling special and happy as she feels when she plans for surprises for her family members. Life continues and her birthday may just go like any other day but if initiative is taken and her birthday is celebrated not necessarily in a grand way would give her joy and everlasting happiness. Her brightening smile would shine more and she would feel special and important.

Birthday is the time when we can show our mom that they are the most loved angels who had been watching over us and have filled our lives with love. We can show her we would never have been what we are without her support; it is the time to show her that this is how she made us feel on our special day. The day spent with family members would give her happiness beyond expression. Love can never be expressed in words; gestures express much more than words and it is the way you can show how special is the day when the most important person in your life arrived on earth. The bond that family shares is strong enough and it is agreed that celebrating or not celebrating birthdays can never shake it. But yes these celebrations give memories and reasons to be happy. These celebrations give a momentary pause to otherwise busy schedules, a time when whole family can share the laughter.


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