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Muslim Wedding Ceremony – a gala event

As any other wedding, the Muslim wedding too has various rituals and traditions to be followed. A Muslim wedding generally takes place at home only and it can be the bride or the groom’s home as per the mutual consent. There are series of functions which take place during this ceremony. It is also possible that half of the functions take place at bride and half takes place at grooms place.

Muslim wedding cards

The Muslim wedding cards are very simple and sober in looks but the quality of paper used is really very good. They prefer to opt for white which is believed to be a holy color as there invitation card base.

Muslim wedding Ceremony

The ceremonies which take place before the wedding are basically sangeet and Mehandi; this can be single or two day function. In Mehandi, the ride hands and legs are adorned with beautiful designs, this ceremony takes place a day before the wedding. Then the sangeet sham comes in picture where there is dance and dhoom dharaha time.

Wedding Outfits

Now the outfits – a Muslim wedding always have a huge budget for the outfits as well the jewellery part. A Muslim bride looks very beautiful as she wears mostly a red or green color outfit and a lot of gold. Although color is no bar but red and green gets an edge over others. Even the relatives opt for colors which are very bride and eye catchy. There are designer outfits for the groom as well which consist of a heavy sherwani with a duppata and a pagdi (cap), the footwear are mojharies. This gives a very royal and elegant look.


Then the second thing is the food, it is well known thing to everything that a Muslim wedding is basically a non veg davat, there are many items which are served and the most common ones are chicken. Then for the drinks sharbat and to end up beetle leaf (paan) are available.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding event starts with swagat or welcome of Barat, the bride relatives are the one who escort the groom and all the relatives along with other guests. Then the groom is taken to wedding venue. In a Muslim wedding the bride and groom doesn't sit together before marriage.


They both sit separately and the takes vows separately in front of their relatives and in presence of a Qazi. Both the bride and groom have to say ‘Kabool hai’ to complete the marriage, once the same is said marriage is complete.

Nikhanama Then there is a Nikhanama (in which the Mehr which is given to the bride from groom family is mentioned) this is signed by both the bride and the groom.

Once these important ceremonies are over then comes the time for blessings to the bride and groom from their relatives and near ones. After this the couple can sit together and enjoy their reception. So these are some of the common things in a Muslim wedding, so if you are planning to visit one such wedding remember that you are properly dressed up and are comfortable with non vegetarian food.
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  2. I've became interested with different kinds of wedding, especially Arabic and Indian, when I saw some hands with tattoos called Mehndi. muslim wedding traditions, as well as Indian;s are truly fantastic and getting to see photos and getting to know more about their traditions are truly great. Thanks!