Monday, 18 March 2013

Wedding Cards concept: in yesteryears and today

The concept of wedding exists there since centuries, but with the passage of time this is undergoing a measure change as so is the traditions attached to it. The celebration of this day starts with sending invitations to the near and dear ones. The way in which these invitation cards are sending is also changed.

1) Sending something with Invitation

In older times there was a tradition to send yellow rice along with the invitation card as this was considered to be a good symbol but this tradition no more exists now. Today people prefer to send some dry fruits or sweets along with the card as these are easily available and easy to distribute as well. But these doesn't have that close impact and don’t bring that close and happy feeling as these rice use to bring in past.

                   Sending something with Invitation

2) Writing style

In the past years these invitations were hand written or are mostly engraved, but today is a world of technology and everything is printed and less of manual intervention and involvement is there. This all is because people are busy in their own lives and have less of time for others.

                                     Writing style

3) Color used 

The colors are no more bar nowadays, whereas in the past there were some colors which were avoided as they were meant as unlucky but nowadays people are ready to opt for any color as what matters is look. Even  white is becoming color of bridal outfit, which was not acceptable in past.

4) Communication Methods

The methods of sending invitations have also changed as before people personally visit their relatives even who are outstation and insist them to visit the marriage, but today people are using emails or courier to sent invitations to people who are located in the same city.

In older times family members were supposed to go at relatives place in order to invite them but in today’s time even friends are going to invite people. Today also many old peoples don’t find this a good gesture, but hardly matters to today’s generation as both are short of time the one sending and one receiving the invitation. 

5) Looks

In the past the card use to carry God images specially Lord Ganesha on its cover page but today this is not compulsory or matters so much. Even some of the wedding cards don’t carry the name also.

6) Language used

In older times cards which were printed language used was strictly Hindi with some holy slogans and chants in Hindi but now  a day’s these wedding cards are getting printed mostly in English and these holy slogans are losing their space on these cards.

Although today also some of the families are following these traditions and because of them only these traditions are still known to their future generations, this is not a good symbol as people are becoming less social and busier with their own lives. People feel proud as they think they are not superstitious but on the other hand they are forgetting that they are losing their biggest strength that is there culture and traditions.


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