Friday, 19 April 2013

Men prefer to marry a woman who has a great sense of humor

Someone has truly quoted aptly that ‘a sense of humor is great - it goes a long, long way in a marriage’. According to a survey study, when it comes to finding a partner then men prefer to select a woman, who is having a good sense of humor. Earlier, arrange marriages were more prevalent in all cultures and due to the same, a man would not be able to avail an opportunity to get inkling regarding the attributes of a woman. As the time changed, men and women began becoming more particular regarding the attributes of the partner. Earlier, more emphasis was placed on cultural background of the girl’s family, her ability of managing household chores, physical attractiveness, etc. But still families deter from mentioning that it is a love marriage on the Indian wedding cards. Due to the increased stress in the modern life, men began looking for a partner who turns out to be a real stress buster instead of a disciplined and submissive partner. The new definition of attractiveness is not complete without having an element of sense of humor, within it.

According to this interesting study revelation, majority of the men expressed their opinion that they would prefer to choose an average looking woman with a good sense of humor in comparison to choosing a supermodel. Apart from that, another fascinating revelation was that, the good sense of humor is not just among many preferred attributes but it has topped the list of the priorities. Well, this is certainly encouraging for those women, who would feel pinched due to the average looks possessed by them. In accordance to the American Journal of Play study, it is not only men who desire for a woman possessing a great sense of humor, but women also don’t lag behind in the same. Women give preference to the qualities like compassion, understanding and good sense of humor. Thus, we see that wittiness has gained prominent place in the list of the attributes, when one is looking for a partner.

Well, there are numerous reasons that have enhanced the significance of the wittiness, in one’s life. Challenging and demanding occupations, hectic lifestyle, inability of spending quality time with partner, hectic commuting, etc are those factors that are putting lot of strain on a modern man’s strength. As there are so many reasons which are causing energy drain, it is natural to look for effective stress buster. Though, one can always look for other ways to beat stress that includes developing a hobby, playing favorite sport, hitting gym, socializing, reading a novel, but there is no method as effective and spontaneous as having a partner, who has a great sense of humor. If one has such a partner, stress can be busted just by speaking to that person for few minutes over the phone.

Someone has quoted very aptly, ‘ I think people are sexy when they have a sense of humor, when they are smart, when they have some sense of style, when they are kind, when they express their own opinions, when they are creative, when they have character’. To conclude, when it comes to choose a partner for a lifetime, physical appearance is sidelined by the majority of the men and the emphasis shifted towards intrinsic attributes of course, including a god sense of humor.

In India, the pattern of marriage is undergoing change. Where it was a custom to marry the woman that family chooses, now people love first and find their compatibility and then marry. But the mention of a love marriage openly on Indian wedding cards is still to appear. 


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